Quantum Break

Let me say this now this game is pretty awesome. This game was made by Remedy Entertainment and is about the way of time and if time was fractured, this is where the character you play called Jack Joyce will try to fix time as well as defeat the villain you also play as called Paul Serene which is head of a company called Monarch (which you also play as at the end of each act). The game is broken up into a set of 5 acts and on your choice in the game and with the junction will effect the game as well as the live TV show that plays after every act (which is also a cool add on to the game.) This game is a fair number of collectibles in the game and each of acts as well. As you play as Jack you use time powers to fight enemies and to move around in curtain areas. While I played this game in medium difficulty and to complete the rest of the achievements I played on hard which was a challenge for me and i bet many other gamers. This game also brings a way of a TV show that I’ve mentioned before, the show itself is pretty good on its own but can be a little boring at times if you played it before. The show does change in some ways if you pick choices like ripples that are in the game to find.

My view in the game would be 4 out 5 stars and an 8/10. This game is available on just Xbox One and PC and is an action 3rd person shooter game.




Quantum_Break_cover[1].jpg4 out 5 - Copy.png



Image from:   https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d9/Quantum_Break_cover.jpg


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