Bioshock Infinite

This is one of my favorite games from the Bioshock franchise this is the 3rd game and final one in the series which is made by the company name Irrational games and 2K. The game is set in a whole new style with being set in the air than the previous games that were under water. You will have to have completed the previous games before playing this game. The starts you out as a guy named Booker Dewitt (voiced by Troy Baker; my favorite voice actor) as he sets out to Columbia which is a city in the sky to find a girl named Elizabeth and bring her back to New York to pay a debt off. Violence breaks out quickly in the game and you’ll have to fight out enemies with weapons and also use vigor’s which are abilities to kill enemies. This game will be an enjoyment for gamers like me that like great stories within games as well as the characters which are voiced and animated very well. As for the scenery of the game it is beautiful when first seeing the city it is very lively and will actually amerce into the game. Booker and Elizabeth are far to be my favorite characters they work really well together both in dialogue and in combat situations (which you’ll be playing just as Booker in the game). Many out the achievements are easy to get with some just being collectibles and using of weapons but the hardest ones are being the game through difficulties like hard and 1999  mode; for me in shooter games and games in general I play on medium difficulty.

I give this game a 5 out of 5 stars and a 9/10 score. This game is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. This game is also a first person shooter.


5 out of 5 - Copy.png





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