Batman Arkham Asylum

This game is my second favorite game of the Batman games made by Rocksteady, the game centered around Batman and is villains in the famous Arkham Asylum. So the game begins when Batman is taking the famous Joker to Asylum after a crime. Joker is put in the asylum and violence ensues and Joker is free and so are all the crooks and other villains of Arkham now its up to Batman to defeat the Joker and put every thing back in its place. The characters are amazing and will leave you to learn more about each characters. The backgrounds in this game are amazing they bring a comic feel to the environment and people as well. The combat in the game brings in a fast way of defeating enemies this is where Batman will be able to upgrade in both fighting and in stealth mode in tough situations. Inside the game you can collect collectable the will get some information on either the villains or the asylum itself. The voice acting in the game in the game is amazing as well with both Batman and Joker voiced by the same actors from the old comic book TV show. I would rate this game a 10/10 and 5 out of 5 stars. This game is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC; the game is also an action adventure.

5 out of 5 - Copy.png








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