Assassin’s Creed Unity

This game is okay for my standards the game is set during the French Revolution and stars the character Arno Dorian which he sees his father and mentor of a father killed and now he’s looking for answers to find out who killed his family. He is also kind of in a romantic relationship with another character named Elise which she is a Templar so the paths will cross and lead to some conflict. The Assassin’s Brotherhood is now seen as a secret group that actually wants the Revolution to happen and won’t stop it which makes me see them as scared cowards that don’t wanna go against the Templars. The character Arno is aright to me he’s not a true assassin he just want to go for a revenge way which doesn’t seem that interesting. The combat is okay with the same combat with styles and fight against enemies; but the good thing about this game is the background and style the city of Paris with a wide views and the wide crowding of people together in one place. The other issue I have is the multiplayer and having to play with other players to complete for achievements and collectables. So I would rate this game a 5/10 and 3 out of 5 stars. This game is playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.









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