Batman Arkham City

This game is a great sequel to the previous game called Batman Arkham Asylum. The game takes place a couple years after the first game (that is still made by the company named Rocksteady) and is set the major city of Arkham where a prison is built in the center of the town. It’s now up to Batman to fight his way though criminals and his evil villains with are Joker, Bane, Mr. Freeze, Ra’s Al Ghul group, and a new villain named Hugo Strange (which he wants to destroy Batman). Batman must stop the plan of a project called Project 10 which somehow the Joker and Hugo are involved in, so he must save the day. The style of the game is very combat based and will cause many button mashing to beat up the enemies. The art style of the game is very comic book like with both the villains and the background which let off a creepy vibe to the game. The voice acting in the game is great the characters bring a comic book feel by still using the same actors for the voices of both Batman and Joker like in the previous game. The game is an action adventure and is playable on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC. I would rate this game a 4 out 5 stars and a 9/10 for the characters and also the great background and style of clothing on the main characters that they would look like in the comic books.

4 out 5 - Copy.png






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