Tomb Raider

This game is a reboot of the franchise of old games and for me its the first game that I’ve played in the Lara Croft franchise, which the game is made by Square Enix. This game starts you as Lara Croft with her group of explorers going to an island to find the hidden treasure as they are shipwrecked on. The game beings Lara Croft as not a full explorer which she will start to learn the ways throughout the game by gaining new weapons throughout the game. The action in the game is very quick based and will let you the crossfire to fire at the enemies in the game. As for the backgrounds in the game it is beautiful and a big opened world filled with collectables that you can collect, which you can go back in them through the map. The characters in the game are very detailed in their character designs and the voice acting is spot on and will bringing tensions with and characters and various emotions. With the gameplay there are puzzles with Lara will have to solve to complete the level. Lara can also upgraded her abilities through the game with collecting collectibles and killing enemies. This game is amazing in every way and is a great reboot for new players of Lara Croft franchise. I would rate this game a 9/10 and 4 out of 5 stars. The game is playable on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC; the game is an action adventure game.



4 out 5 - Copy.png


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