Walking Dead Telltale Season 1

This game is amazing in everything which I will explain in this review. So the game starts you out a Lee Everett going to jail in a cop car, he soon later escapes during the zombie outbreak. Lee meets this little girl Clementine and they travel across the US to find Clementine’s parents. The game style art for the background and every the characters themselves look very comic book like style. This game is set with many choices you’ll have to choose from, the choices you’ll make your future game different from all the rest. The character development changes with the dialogue choices you make like choosing sides. The game is very open in ways and will make you click on objects to interact with like a cursor that with being on your screen either on console or PC. The story is awesome and the development with Lee and Clementine is very detailed and will cause the ending of game meaning full by the last choice you make. (Which I will not spoil on here.) This game for me brought me into the games of Telltale by just the characters they make, style of gameplay, and the art style throughout the game. This game is playable on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, IOS, and PC; the game is an interactive and action adventure. I would rate this game 10/10 and 5 out of 5 stars.

unnamed[1].png5 out of 5 - Copy.png



Image by:   https://lh6.ggpht.com/Z4DBaIKoo88TwrBNzaUvsgJWs5f0CiIo8kOVIt-EAB9vajKeia3d6WTvdCp4ExTuLlQ=w300



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